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Why choose One World Connect

6 Reasons to Send Money with One World Connect

Sending money to the Philippines has never been easier. However getting the best exchange rate with the lowest possible cost can be difficult. You need to know the fees you are charged, how quickly it will arrive and more importantly the amount of money your recipient will ultimately receive.
As well as this, in our digital age of online scammers, you need to make sure the company you use is trusted and licensed.

Keeping these factors in mind will ensure your money arrives safely to your recipient with the highest possible amount.

Learn how One World Connect can give you this piece of mind.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with how you’re sending money to the Philippines, it’s time for a change.

Try One World Connect. Easy, more affordable and secure. A better way to send money.

  1. Licensed and regulated
  2. Better exchange rates
  3. Transparent fees
  4. Different ways to receive money
  5. Secure system
  6. Local customer support


Licensed and Regulated

In this digital age of online scammers, it’s very important that you use a licensed and regulated remittance provider.
Make sure the remittance provider you use is licensed in the countries they operate.
A licensed remittance provider gives you the safety and security that the company is compliant and subject to regulatory laws.
One World Connect is licensed and regulated in all the countries we operate, giving you that piece of mind.

OWC Licenses

Better Exchange Rates

Remittance services charge fees not just on the transfer but also on the exchange rate they use to convert your money.
You will often find that companies that offer low fees give very low exchange rates when you convert your money.
One World Connect converts your currency using mid market rates to ensure that you always get the maximum exchange rate when you convert your money.

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Transparent Fees

Apart from the margins on the exchange rates, remittance services charge fees for sending money. Some providers hide these fees by deducting it on the recipient amount.
You need to be careful with these hidden fees, and ensure that the service you use clearly show what you’re being charged.
One World Connect makes the transfer fee clear for you. We ensure that the fees we charge when sending your money is fair and affordable. We make sure that your recipient receives the most amount of money from what you send.


Speed of Delivery

How quickly does your recipient receive the money that you send? You never have to wonder with One World Connect.

One World Connect will keep you up to date on every step of your remittance. From the time your money is received by us, to the moment we’re delivering to your recipient.

We will keep you posted every step of the way.

With One World Connect, you’ll be able to see when we’ve received your funds, when the money has reached your recipient or when your recipient has collected the money.
You will get notified through email, and your recipient can be informed as well.

Different ways to receive money

When sending your money you want to make sure that your recipient is able to receive it safely and securely.

This is an important part of the process, and with One World Connect, you have various options for your recipient to receive money.

They can receive it straight to their bank account, through a digital wallet, or through the thousands of pick up locations we have with our local partners.

Just choose the method of delivery that’s convenient to your recipient. With One World Connect, receiving money has never been easier!

Secure system.

One World Connect keeps your information safe and secure. We use the highest standard of security to ensure your data is protected and your identity is protected from theft.
Our systems uses 256-bit encryption, the standard in the banking industry, to ensure that all communication between our systems are encrypted and secure.

One World Connect will never include any of your financial data, such as bank account numbers in our email communication to you.


Local customer support for your Recipient

Many online remittance services do not have local presence on the country you send to.
With One World Connect, we are licensed and regulated in the Philippines and also have our offices in the Philippines.
This ensures your recipient can have someone local to contact if they ever need support with our service.

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